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Create multiple catalogs within Kuali Catalog Management

September 30, 2019

Publishing separate catalogs is now easier than ever with the launch of multi-catalog support. Click to see a quick overview.

With this update, institutions will still have the control they need to keep curricular data organized and accurate in Curriculum Management, now with the added flexibility to publish multiple catalogs that include shared or distinct information in each through Catalog Management.

A better, more tailored experience

Many institutions publish more than one catalog to reach each of their unique audiences and getting that information into current and prospective students’ hands easily has never been more important when it comes to student retention. With Kuali Catalog Management, the catalog information for undergraduate students can be tailored to their needs, while current or prospective graduate students can access a catalog focused on content and policies specific to them.

Whether your institution has multiple campuses, or wants to create catalog content specific to prospective students, Kuali Catalog Management now has the flexibility to meet all your needs.

Getting started

Working with our team, your institution can pick and choose with complex specificity which curricular data will be included in each catalog and what content will be shared across catalogs.

Is your office ready to publish multiple catalogs? Use this link to access our help forum. There, you can request assistance to begin the publishing process.

Are you interested in learning more about Kuali Catalog? Connect with us at, or visit our Catalog Management webpage.

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