Colorado State University, York University, and the University of Utah Choose Kuali Curriculum Management

SALT LAKE CITY – Aug 29, 2017 – Three more universities are implementing Kuali Curriculum Management to govern the programs, courses, and alternative learning experiences that support their institutional missions, address the needs of their learners, and satisfy the requirements of multiple accrediting bodies.

As learning experiences and credits evolve to include more non-traditional forms such as service learning, apprenticeships, competency-based learning, and prior learning, colleges and universities are struggling to manage the complexities of creating new pathways to success and completion. Many institutions are also juggling these variables across multiple independent campuses, creating more confusion for administrators, faculty, and students.

“We needed a solution with modern functionality that can accommodate new and emerging pedagogy,” said Dr. Patrick J. Burns, Vice President of Information Technology and Dean of Libraries, Colorado State University.

Colorado State University is delivering innovative programs and learning opportunities for its diverse student body of more than 30,000, yet has struggled to keep up with the administration of its evolving curriculum and delivery methods. Disjointed tools, cumbersome system upgrades, and disparate interfaces across three different campuses did not support the experience they wanted to deliver.

“We looked for a next-generation solution with standards-based interoperability across learning tools, a scalable system including maximal configuration options, a company we highly trust and respect, and an acceptable price tag. Kuali promises a better solution in each of those aspects,” Burns added.

Other Kuali Curriculum Management customers, including York University in Toronto and the University of Utah, share similar sentiments about their reasons for choosing Kuali Curriculum Management.

Kuali Curriculum management helps academic offices make better curricular decisions based on a single source of truth. It helps simplify and speed the approval process without sacrificing quality or consistency. By building a more collaborative environment, it becomes easier to work toward common goals and gain insight into learning outcomes across the institution.

“Fully configurable proposals and transparent workflows liberate everyone involved from tedious paper trails, version control issues, mistakes, and approval bottlenecks,” said Sarah Crane, Kuali Student Product Manager. “Unlike other solutions, Kuali provides configuration and implementation to get everything up and running quickly. The institutions we work with engage in an easy, hands-on, highly-personalized process that sets them and their faculty up for success. Plus, our cloud delivery means no hardware, no deployment, and no maintenance.”

Kuali also offers Kuali Catalog Management, which works in tandem with Kuali Curriculum Management, to turn detailed course scheduling and program information into simple, beautifully-designed catalogs for print and digital use.

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