Joel Dehlin Recognized as Utah Business 2019 CEO of the Year

We are pleased to share that Joel Dehlin has been named as a Utah Business 2019 CEO of the Year! A deserving candidate, Joel clearly strives to give Kuali employees and customers his very best.

“Mr. Dehlin seeks to build a positive workplace culture, and is a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace. In 2019, Kuali signed the Parity Pledge, committing to interviewing at least one female candidate for every leadership position in the company. He is passionate about including and encouraging women to excel in technology, and supports that both within the company and his community. Under Mr. Dehlin’s leadership, Kuali is also planning to take a more active role in helping to support organizations like Women In Tech and SheTech in 2019.”

Visit Utah Business Magazine to read more about Joel’s background and his work at Kuali.



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