Configure without Confinement

You know what’s best for your institution. You’ll be able to easily configure workflows, rules, permissions, and processes based on your institution’s unique needs.

Workflows that Work

Bring contributors together to approve curricular changes electronically—using your preferred processes—with improved tracking, accountability, and ease of use.

Empowering Insights

Link curricular elements together with rules and dependencies to provide more robust insights and help students better plan their path to graduation.

Create Your Catalog

Build your curricular offering once; then watch Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management translate it into a sleek academic catalog that’s continuously up to date.

Learn more from a Kuali Curriculum & Catalog Management advisor today

Kuali [Student] has helped us improve things by moving the paper-pencil process online. Now there’s a workflow that allows us to see where the curriculum is, and each step of the approval process. It will also allow us to move to an electronic catalog, which we think will be great!

Amy Robertshaw, Curriculum and Academic Programs Board, Colorado State University-Pueblo

To people who are looking to purchase Kuali [Student], it has the ability to be flexible and work with your processes.

Lucy Bellisimo, Associate Registrar, York University

We determined what our approval processes should actually look like, and then Kuali [Student] was able to give us a system that allowed us to provide a workflow for each of them. It’s been a huge benefit for our users to only have to approve what they see.

Lyndi Duff, Director, Curriculum Management & Technology, The University of Utah

The workflow of Kuali Curriculum Management has been the biggest benefit that we’ve seen. All of our campus users have remarked about how much easier it is to see where their proposal is at any given time. We don’t have those situations anymore where some units were holding the paper hostage, not letting it progress to the next person. It’s a lot more open and can expose potential overlap or bottleneck issues earlier. All of the administrators have so much appreciated that they don’t have to make copies anymore and rush things over to offices. Having [everything] online is our biggest win. We’re paperless for course proposals. In the grand scheme of things, that’s about 16,000 pieces of paper that we’re [saving].

Jodi McKeeman, Business Analyst and Project Manager, The University of Washington

What is Kuali Curriculum and Catalog Management?

Paper is great for wrapping presents, making airplanes, or getting into a show. But when it comes to managing all of your higher education institution’s courses and programs, it may be doing more harm than good. Learn how we’re changing the game.

Workflows and Approval Processes

See how Kuali’s Workflow tool saves time and resources by automating the entire process from proposal to final approval.

Rules, Dependencies, & Impact Report

Tie courses and programs together electronically to better understand your vast curricular offering and the potential impact of any changes.

Kuali Catalog Walkthrough

Ensure that your catalog is always up-to-date, free of mistakes, and consistent—without having to make updates manually.

Learning Outcomes

Add course, program, and institution learning outcomes to ensure that your curricular offering is well thought out and students are prepared.

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