Guided Planning

Kuali Ready’s guided planning process draws on more than a decade of continuity planning experience from campuses around the world. We’ll help you identify critical functions, analyze the impact of potential disruptions, and plan strategies for bouncing back quickly if something were to happen at your institution.

Act Accordingly

Once you use Kuali Ready to establish a business continuity plan, we’ll guide you through the process of successfully implementing it.

Convert to the Cloud

Your on-premise solutions are vulnerable during or after an extraordinary event. Trust Kuali Ready to access your plan and data on any device at any time.

Learn more from a Kuali Ready advisor today

The operations manual was an exact fit of what I thought I needed… [With Kuali] we have a great product and partner.

Lynn Fisher, Emergency Manager, Clemson University

Some of the the folks had to work from home but some folks didn’t have power or their homes were flooded. They used their plans without necessarily having to have access to it. I really am a believer that the process of planning is more beneficial than actually having a plan himself.

Lauren Gunter, Continuity and Emergency Manager, East Carolina University

Why Kuali Ready in the Cloud?

A proven, secure cloud architecture. Just a faster way to get where you need to go.

  • Move Faster. No hardware, no deployment, no maintenance.
  • Be more productive. Delivered continuously, like Google. Always improving so your users have the best tools every day, without disruptive upgrades.
  • Get flexible. Choose just the functionality you need today, adding optional modules when you’re ready for them.
  • Keep it simple. Easy single sign-on integration.
  • Feel confident. Functional and technical support to help you succeed.

What is Kuali Ready?

Learning never stops. Neither should your institution. Watch this 3-minute video to get a quick overview of the power of Kuali Ready.

Kuali Ready Overview

In advance of major disruptions like natural disasters, an outbreak of a contagious virus, a terrorist attack, or even a long-term power outage, institutions can find peace of mind by establishing a culture of preparedness and resiliency through business continuity planning. See how Kuali Ready’s interview-based interface can increase your institution’s resiliency in the same simple way that Turbo Tax helps you with your taxes.

Learn how other higher educational institutions have benefited from Kuali Research

Clemson University

Though Clemson had readiness plans in place, the management software was flawed. Kuali offered the intuitive, easy-access software they needed.

East Carolina University

Tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding regularly pose a major threat to the university. A planning tool was needed to formulate the best plans possible to be ready for any disaster.