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KualiCo Delivers Grant & Research Management in the Cloud

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KualiCo announces the latest release of its SaaS-delivered KualiCo Grant & Research Management product. This latest release provides a streamlined, more intuitive process for developing grant and research proposals and their accompanying budgets. This latest release also marks a move from semi-annual releases, to a continuously delivered SaaS product. KualiCo regularly incorporates and delivers innovations from work with its highly engaged community of the world’s top research institutions. Now, higher education institutions can enjoy the benefit of a secure and reliable grant and research management solution that delivers improvements to help streamline and improve the administration of grants and research every day.

Built using agile development and regularly updated as part of a continuous delivery process, the software delivers better performance and efficiency for research administration every day. KualiCo Grant & Research Management boasts a more intuitive interface designed with the end user in mind. According to KualiCo Research Product Manager David Usher, this enhancement benefits all levels of users. “With its out-of-the-box usability, the new design of Grant & Research Management is set up for institutions with limited user bases, while retaining the full set of features from previous Kuali Coeus releases—so power users won’t miss any of their favorite capabilities.” Key features include an intuitive guided approach, an improved search function, and one-click access to the most commonly used functions.

KualiCo continues its close relationship with the Kuali Community, one of the company’s most prized competitive differentiators. National and international research administration leaders help identify and design new Grant & Research Management features and functionality that the company continuously incorporates and delivers in the SaaS product and releases under an open source software license. Through this partnership, KualiCo helps colleges and universities keep their money in their mission by significantly reducing administrative costs and promoting best practices in the business of research administration.

KualiCo CEO Joel Dehlin sees this inaugural product release as the first of many to deliver on the company’s goals. “We’re committed to providing amazing experiences and continuous improvement through iteration. The release of Grant & Research Management keeps us focused on our customers’ needs by providing a vastly improved user experience. And with our cloud solution, we’re able to offer continuous delivery of new product features. As a result, the higher education community will continue to have a state-of-the-art administration system that not only serves their needs now, but also prepares them for the next decade.”

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KualiCo delivers open source administrative software using modern cloud-based technologies built specifically for higher education. Our thoughtfully designed products streamline processes to significantly reduce costs for grants and research, finance, student services, and continuity planning. KualiCo is privately held and has offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information, visit

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