Utah State University is an eco-friendly institution nestled in the mountains of Northern Utah. Originally founded in 1888 as The Agricultural College of Utah, the university uses its 7,000 acres to build on a rich heritage of agricultural research. The campus, deemed “The Tree Campus,” is located within a half-day drive to six national parks and four ski resorts. USU initiated a search for an integrated electronic research administration (eRA) system to manage all of their research needs.


USU used a homegrown eRA system burdened with research proposal routing glitches that had been patchworked by internal and external hands. The proposal filing process was clunky and slow, involving both physical and electronic documents. Their system, though inexpensive upfront, required regular costly repairs. Over time, their research administrators realized a need for a cost effective, streamlined system.


USU’s search for a better solution led them to Kuali Research. Pleased with their upgrade to Kuali Research, USU boasts that the new eRA system provides powerful, easy-to-use, intelligent software to manage sensitive steps of research in one place. For USU, the system meant an advanced proposal filing process that freed up time for a proper review and swift routing. Kuali Research is hosted in the cloud, benefitting from regular software updates that erase Utah State’s repeated need for software fixes. The Kuali community of universities provided an unexpected benefit to Utah State with a responsive network of peers, in addition to support offered by Kuali, to help them onboard the powerful new software. Kuali Research in the Cloud is currently used across campus at Utah State University.

Our previous software solution didn’t have enough features. Routing was the biggest [issue] for us. The routing solution within Kuali has worked perfect.

Dan PerrySystems Analyst


Quick Facts
  • Improve efficiencies by eliminating dual paper and electronic filing processes
  • Streamline proposal routing for time efficiency
  • Reduce costs with cloud deployment and pre-configuration best practices
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