Clemson University (CU) is a public research university located less than a mile from the shores of Hartwell Lake in South Carolina. It was founded in 1889 on an old plantation donated by Thomas G. Clemson. The university, once a male-only military school, is now a co-educational institution geared toward teaching, research and service. It is made up of 1,200 departments that support a student body of over 21,000 students. The school has a significant impact on the surrounding region’s economy boasting a $1.8 billion economic impact in 2010. In recent years, Clemson has witnessed several natural disasters occur around the school, near misses which could have caused extensive damage. Gaps in continuity plans became more worrisome. Clemson needed a software solution that could help track and improve the quality of readiness plans for all of its departments.


Though Clemson had readiness plans in place, the management software was flawed. Clemson was using a disjointed emergency management system that lacked a central access point, making document management a time-consuming task. Continuity auditing proved even more tedious with approval bottlenecks and physical paperwork hindering updates. Clemson searched for an advanced software solution to streamline their readiness planning.


The search for an innovative management system led Clemson to Kuali Ready, a solution built by minds united in the mission of improving continuity management for higher education administrations. Kuali offered the intuitive, easy-access software that Clemson needed to more efficiently and accurately manage its readiness plans. Because Kuali Ready is easy-to-use and administer, Clemson expects to fully integrate the product faster than they would with any other solution.

The operations manual was an exact fit of what I thought I needed… [With Kuali] we have a great product and partner.

Lynn FisherEmergency Manager


Quick Facts
  • Improve efficiencies by eliminating paper-based processes
  • Streamline readiness plans through central access point
  • Increase visibility for timely and reliable reporting
  • Reduce approval bottlenecks
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