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Brigham Young University

Case Study: Streamlining Curriculum Management


Brigham Young University (BYU) is a private religious institution that sits at the base of Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range. It was founded in 1875 by its namesake, Brigham Young. The university, the largest religious university in the United States, encourages its 33,000 students to strive for excellence in faith, character, and intellect. BYU maintains two satellite campuses in Salt Lake City and Jerusalem while its parent organization sponsors sister schools located in Hawaii and Idaho. BYU offers its students nearly 200 undergraduate programs and is known for its world-class accounting and business programs. BYU searched for a better workflow option for curriculum administration.
“Kuali [staff] is very responsive, very capable, and very skilled. [They have] a good group of people. It feels like a partnership, not a customer vendor relationship.”

Bill Cope
Software Architect, Brigham Young University


BYU used a homegrown workflow to manage their curriculum. However, software alterations and bug fixes took time, became unwieldy, and had high costs. They needed a faster, more polished solution to allow faculty to allocate valuable time elsewhere. The institution began the search for a better workflow system with little hope of finding a forward-thinking vendor willing to give the university the flexibility it desired. Years ago, BYU deemed the Kuali product underdeveloped as it was a community-built, fully open-source software and lacked the development and direction of Kuali Inc. They continued in a rigorous search for an efficient, open-source workflow option.


Brigham Young revisited the idea of Kuali Curriculum Management. What they found was much more advanced than expected. BYU found in Kuali an innovative, open-source curriculum management platform that eliminated time-consuming approval bottlenecks. The institution was specifically pleased with a customizable, transparent workflow system written in Javascript. BYU saw that Kuali was thinking along the same lines and was pleased to join the Kuali community.

Become a partner, not just a customer.
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