Meet Kuali Curriculum Management

Kuali Curriculum Management supports existing curriculum processes
and approvals while connecting with campus systems.
From reliable historical records to increased visibility, learn how Kuali Curriculum Management can help support your initiatives.

Meet Kuali Catalog Management

Kuali Catalog Management dynamically builds accurate, up-to-date catalogs
directly from Kuali Curriculum Management reducing time spent creating catalogs. From addendums to historical records and multiple output types, learn
how Kuali Catalog Management can support your efforts and student success. 

Records & Registration: How to Impact Student Success

Student success is a priority at nearly every level of the institution. This whitepaper dives into initiatives backed by research and how to apply them within the records and registration part of the institution, also hear what institutions are saying. Download and learn more today! 

Meet Kuali Build for Provosts, Registrars, and Admissions Officers

Kuali Build is designed to help digitize and automate forms and workflows outside of the curriculum and catalog management processes and system. From change of major requests to application for graduation forms, learn how Kuali Build can empower you to deliver an exceptional experience to students supporting your initiatives and student success.

Curriculum & Catalog Management Buying Guide

Procuring the correct curriculum and catalog management solutions offer benefits above and beyond the expected including the ability to grow with your institution over time. This Curriculum & Catalog Management Buying Guide will provide insight into what to consider in solutions and how to decide on the best fit for your institution. Download and learn more today!

Meet Kuali Syllabus Management

Kuali Syllabus Management empowers institutions to create student-centered, accessible syllabi compliant with institutional policies. With standardized course outlines, robust reporting, limitless integrations, and rock solid security, learn how Kuali Syllabus Management can support your efforts and student success.