Free Higher Ed COVID-19 Continuity Plan

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the impact on Higher Education has been unprecedented. We’ve come to realize the unexpected is now more expected, and as such, planning and preparation are even more critical. We'd like to help if we can.

To fast track your planning, we have created a simplified continuity planning form designed to focus on needs arising specifically from the COVID-19 pandemic. The form is based on the same best practices in our Kuali Ready product (higher ed continuity planning suite), and we are making it free to use. This tool was designed for any institution that needs guidance and support in building a continuity plan.

Department leaders can use this form to create a guided continuity plan for their department that is exportable. Complete as many forms as needed to cover your critical departments.

The form is hosted in Kuali Build, so it does not require any effort on the part of your local IT team. It’s secure and easy to set up.

Please know that there is no contract, obligation or expectation to buy or later use our Kuali Ready continuity planning software. None. The use of the form will be available through December 2020 and any data you add to the tool is yours, even if you decide to stop using the form. Kuali will send you a reminder with advanced notice so you can export any data you wish to keep so you do not lose it.

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If you think this will help, here's how to get started:

  • Sign up to access your COIVD-19 planning form(s).
  • Check your email for instructions.
  • Launch and complete the plan form and share with other department leaders as necessary.

Contact us at with implementation questions or for support.

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