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Kuali Ready Continuity Planning Software for Colleges and Universities Redeveloped for the Kuali Cloud

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Salt Lake City, UT – July 29, 2015 –  Kuali announced today the public availability of its redeveloped Kuali Ready continuity planning product for colleges and universities. Kuali Ready was originally created by UC Berkeley as a solution to inflexible and overpriced corporate continuity planning packages that didn’t meet the needs of higher education. In December 2014, Kuali migrated nearly one hundred institutional subscribers from UC Berkeley hosting to the Kuali Cloud, and began to rebuild the application from the ground up. Beginning in March 2015, new Kuali Ready subscribers — such as University of Tennessee, Boise State University, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Cal State – Long Beach, Case Western Reserve University and George Mason University — started using the new application and providing feedback as it was being developed.

The new software maintains the core functionality of the original product, while adding numerous enhancements and simplifying the user experience. The Kuali Ready development team built the new product from scratch in six months using a modern, cloud technology stack and continuous deployment strategies. Enhancements to the new product include web and mobile browser views of plans and reports, subscriber control of institutional branding, simplified global navigation, drag-and-drop list ordering and file uploads, flexible plan status updates, and streamlined user account moderation.

The new application launched to subscribers with the addition of a support and community feedback portal, where they can submit product suggestions and track the status of their requests. Jennifer Foutty, Executive Director of the Kuali Foundation, stated, “It’s exciting to see the evolution of Kuali Ready and the rapid fulfillment of many of the historical feature requests that had been put on hold.” She added, “The transition to more modern technology and hosting will help reduce costs and allow for even more subscriber-influenced enhancements.”

In August the development team will launch a migration tool that allows subscribers to easily migrate user accounts and continuity plans from the legacy application. Kuali Ready Product Manager, Jen Dalby, explained, “Continuity planners are the heart of Kuali Ready and it’s a high priority for us to deliver a simple migration experience that respects their implementation timelines and supports their user communities.” College and university continuity planners can now view examples of the new screens or request a full demonstration of Kuali Ready at

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