What we learned at NCURA Annual

The results are in!

Our team had a wonderful experience at NCURA Annual and really enjoyed meeting so many of you, customers and noncustomers alike. While at NCURA, our team delivered a survey to nearly everyone who came to our booth. We wanted to know more about you and your research administration needs: what system you’re using, how you feel about it, and what factors are some of the most important when considering a research administration and compliance software.

Many of you asked to see the results and as promised, here are they are!

The majority of you use something other than what we listed. Among those who selected “other” and specified the system they use, many listed “Coeus,” a Kuali product. And some of you weren’t sure; we appreciate your honesty! 

Over 40 of you either love or like the current system you use. Eleven of you find it terribly frustrating. Most of you think it’s okay.

When asked about the top 3 factors to consider when searching for a research administration and compliance system, integration with other systems was a clear leader. An intuitive interface was a close second, and a simple implementation was third.

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