An Object in Motion

We put Bitsy on her first pair of skis when she was just six. She would scream with joy (and a little fear) as she raced down the hill. She had no idea how to turn so she’d go faster and faster, laugh-crying all the way down until she “garage saled” at the bottom of a hill. Frankly, we were both a little terrified, but I could see how much she’d love it when she figured it out and could join her older brothers and sisters on the more challenging trails.

Kuali 2.0 is an object in motion, gathering momentum every day. Members of the Kuali community have validated the KualiCo mission and launched us down a trail we are eager to explore. The company has officially formed and the founding team is in place. With the addition of the talented staff from our acquisition of the rSmart hosting business, we are ready NOW to partner with you in achieving your goals.

We’ve spent the last few months traveling the country and meeting with customers and members of the Kuali community. Your trust and openness have helped us prioritize our work so we can rapidly deliver the products and services you need most. Your challenges are clear, but so is your vision. Our focus is now on engaging with the community and delivering amazing software.

Sure, the trail can be scary the first time you experience it. But sometimes you have to trust the momentum and give it all you’ve got. Bitsy’s seven now, and barely remembers the fear of her first season. She can glide easily down blues now and could make it down a black by the end of last season. She still falls down. But she gets back up and joins the rest of us at the top for another run.

Whether you’re ready to join us on the challenging trails, or just want to start with the basics, we’re honored to have you along for the adventure. (No laugh-crying required!)


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